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St T's Connect

St T's Connect - Episode 1 - Click here
God is good, loving, kind, miracle worker, close, healer, mighty, slow to anger, forgiving, powerful. If you don’t know him you can! Watch the full episode now.



St T's Connect - Episode 2 - Click here
St Ts Connect is our weekly webcast of testimony or short bible talks and sung worship. Join us as we hear Linda David's journey read by Lyn Parker and then worship together with Mark, Gaz and the Deppy boys.

St T's Connect - Episode 3 - Click here

St Ts connect is our weekly webcast to encourage you that God is good and at work today and to help us to fix our eyes on Jesus in worship. Listen to Beth's story of how God spoke to her.

St T's Connect - Episode 4 - Click here

St Ts connect is a weekly webcast of St Thomas church brampton. Join us this episode as Mark Depledge talks about Jesus being alone and join us in worship.

St T's Connect - Episode 5 - Click here

This weeks episode of Connect takes a slightly different direction, looking at stewardship and giving, in line with our St Ts TRIO campaign.

St T's Connect - Episode 6 - Click here

Watch our latest St Ts connect as Warden, Phil Bird tells his story of God healing him and lets worship together.

St T's Connect - Episode 7 - Click here

Join us for this weeks St Ts Connect as Mark Depledge looks at the power of praising God when faced with impossible circumstances.


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