want to feel part of St T's?

At St Thomas’ our vision is to be a church family that lives out Jesus’ Great Commission to be a church of ‘disciples making disciples’ (Matthew 28.16-20). That’s the job that Jesus gave to the Church and that’s our vision. This is worked out in many different ways in church life. To give to St Thomas’ is to give to this vision.


How can I give regularly?

The method of giving we encourage is through the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS). We prefer this method because it is safe and effective for both the giver and St Thomas’. To set up giving through this scheme click here.


Or click donate to make a one off donation via Give A Little.

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In Autumn 2020 we began our TRIO stewardship campaign to encourage everyone who considers themselves part of St Thomas' to have a greater awareness of our church finances. When it comes to the financial stewardship of our wonderful church community we’re in this together: The Responsibility Is Ours (TRIO). You can see our latest financial updates here along with more information about TRIO.